Dental Anxiety

Dental Anxiety

“No offense, but I hate the dentist!”

Sound familiar? If you’ve landed on this page I’m willing to bet you’ve said (or wanted to say) those words to your dentist. Don’t worry, no offense taken; in fact, we consider it a compliment that you’ve chosen us to care for you in spite of your deep desire to avoid the dentist. At Dillard Dental Services we understand that many people have a high level of anxiety about visiting the dentist and we also believe that it’s perfectly normal. If I could skip going to the dentist for the rest of my life you can bet I would in a heartbeat. While I don’t have an extreme amount of dental anxiety, ask me to speak in front of a crowd (or more than 5 people) and I would gladly donate a kidney to get out of it. Many people feel the same way about a visit to the dentist, and we want you to know that it's okay if you feel this way. We have intentionally created an environment and have methods in place that put anxious patients at ease, and we are pleased to have you.

We think that your decision to visit the dentist is a courageous one and we know that choosing Dillard Dental Services was not made half-hazardly; it likely involved a bit of research and maybe even a referral from a trusted friend who struggles with similar apprehension and knows that you’ll be taken care of in our office. We hope that you’ll tell us if you have anxiety about being here and we invite you to share with us any ways that we can make your experience easier.

We have found that even though dental anxiety is very common, the reasons behind the anxiety can vary drastically from person to person. We have created a questionnaire especially for this purpose in hopes that we can come to a better understanding of how to make your experience more comfortable.

Any fool can know. The point is to understand. -Albert Einstein


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