How Long Does A Dental Cleaning Procedure Take?

How Long Does A Dental Cleaning Procedure Take?

There are two types of people who visit our clinic. Those who stay on top of their dental care routine and take care of their oral health and those who have fallen behind in the proper care of their teeth. At Dillard Dental Services, we perform dental cleaning procedures for both types of people. However, the cost, duration, and techniques used for cleaning properly maintained teeth and improperly maintained teeth are different. Teeth that have been lacking in care will take longer to clean and cost a bit more. With that being said, patients can often return to a more routine level of cleaning once a deep cleaning has been completed so it’s well worth it to continue routine dental care following a deep cleaning. Our patients commonly ask us about the expected duration of the dental cleaning procedure. We will help you understand the differences between these types of cleanings and how long they may take, so keep reading.

Differences Between Standard Dental Cleaning and Deep Dental Cleaning

The main difference between a routine cleaning and a deep cleaning is that a routine cleaning is to help you maintain your status of good health and prevent the onset of gum disease. This means your gums are healthy and not inflamed. The best way to tell is whether your gums bleed when you brush or floss. If its normal for you for your gums to bleed when you clean your teeth, this is a sign that perhaps some areas need more attention. A deep cleaning is different in that it is for the purpose treating an active infection called periodontal disease that leads to bone loss, tooth mobility, and eventual tooth loss.

Duration of Professional Dental Cleaning Depends Upon What Kind of Dental Cleaning You Need

As we mentioned above, professional dental cleaning procedures are not the same for all people. After conducting a thorough inspection of your teeth and gums, our dentist will decide whether you require standard dental cleaning or deep dental cleaning. A standard dental cleaning is a relatively quick and straightforward process that takes on average 30 to 40 minutes to complete; however, deep cleaning is different. Although deep dental cleaning is not a surgical procedure, it can still take upwards of 1 hour. Depending upon the condition of your teeth, a deep cleaning may require around 2 hours to complete and may need to be done over the course of multiple visits and you may also need follow up inspections.

Cost of Professional Dental Cleaning Depends Upon What Kind of Dental Cleaning You Need

There is also a cost difference between both types of dental cleanings. Many times, if you have dental insurance the cost of a routine cleaning may be covered 100% by your policy. Deep cleaning is traditionally only partially covered leaving some out-of-pocket expense for you. This money savings is another great reason to stick with regular routine dental care. If your dental cleaning is long overdue and you haven't visited your dentist in a while or you are behind on your dental hygiene, the longer you wait the higher the chances are higher that you will need a deep dental cleaning. If you are up to date with your routine dental care and dental cleanings, you will most likely need a simple standard dental cleaning procedure. A call to Dillard Dental Services will start you on the right path to finding out what kind of cleaning you need, and we can get you scheduled right away.

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