How to Care for Your Cosmetic Veneers? A Guide by the Top Nashville Family Dentist

How to Care for Your Cosmetic Veneers? A Guide by the Top Nashville Family Dentist

Cosmetic Veneers are extremely thin yet durable shells that are custom made to be placed over your teeth. At Dillard Dental Services we place cosmetic veneers to solve several different dental issues for our patients including stained, worn, disfigured, misaligned, or damaged teeth. As one of the top Nashville family dentists, we have performed a large number of cosmetic veneer procedures successfully. One common question that people who get cosmetic veneers naturally ask is, how do we care for cosmetic veneers once they are placed over their teeth? So, to help anyone who is not sure about the aftercare for dental veneers, we have put together this short guide.

Practice proper dental hygiene as recommended by your dentist in Nashville

While a proper dental hygiene routine is important to practice even without cosmetic veneers, it becomes even more important once you get your veneers. Your dentist in Nashville will suggest you practice dental hygiene that includes all the important components of a home dental care routine, including:

Brushing: When you have dental veneers, we recommend you use non-abrasive toothpaste to clean your dental veneers. Non-abrasive kinds of toothpaste are gentler on your teeth and therefore they don’t scrape your newly installed cosmetic veneers. When it comes to the toothbrush you can pick any manual toothbrush or even a motorized one to clean your veneers.

Flossing: Flossing is an important component of your daily dental care and once you get veneers installed you should floss once daily. However, our dentist in Nashville TN suggests that for proper cleansing you should floss after each meal.

Rinse: Use a non-alcoholic mouthwash to rinse your mouth once or twice daily. The reason why it is important to use a non-alcoholic mouthwash is that alcohol can interact with the agent that holds veneers in place on your teeth and loosen it.

Don’t grind your teeth together

Grinding is not something cosmetic veneers are meant to handle and if you grind your teeth together you will be putting unnecessary strain on your veneers, teeth, and jaw. So, once you get veneers installed you should avoid grinding your teeth and if you have a disorder that makes your teeth grinding during sleep you can get in touch with us for your treatment options.

Wear a mouth guard during physical activity

If you are into sports and other activities that have a risk of impact on your face or teeth you should invest in a mouthguard. When you are playing any contact sport, wearing a mouthguard protects your cosmetic veneers in case you get hit by a ball or other objects.

Don’t skip a visit to your dentist

Last but not the least you should make sure to visit your dentist in Nashville for routine dental checkups so we can make sure your cosmetic veneers are doing well and there are no potential issues.

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