Professional Dental Cleaning Aftercare Tips

Professional Dental Cleaning Aftercare Tips

Professional dental cleaning is one of the most common preventative dentistry procedures. People also consider it a cosmetic dental procedure because dental cleaning can restore your teeth' color and sparkle. At Dillard Dental Services, we specialize in professional dental cleaning procedure that produces lasting results. Just like any other dental procedure, we recommend aftercare for professional dental cleaning as well. Proper dental cleaning procedure aftercare ensures that you get the most out of your dental cleaning procedure and avoid any unwanted discomfort. Therefore, we will tell you about aftercare instructions you should follow after your dental cleaning, so keep reading.

Dental Cleaning Aftercare Instructions by The Best Dentist in Nashville

Dillard Dental Services is one of the best dentists in Nashville. Having years of experience in the field puts us in a position to recommend a set of instructions that you can follow getting your teeth professionally cleaned. Some dental cleaning aftercare instructions that you should follow are as follows:

Avoid certain foods right after the dental cleaning: We recommend our patients to start eating at least an hour after the dental cleaning procedure. When you start eating after the procedure, you should avoid eating certain foods as part of the dental cleaning procedure aftercare. The foods you need to avoid after your dental cleaning include cold foods such as ice cream, very spicy foods, hard and crunchy foods, sticky foods, citrus foods, and fruits. These foods should be avoided for at least a few hours after the dental cleaning to make sure you don't feel any discomfort, and you get the most out of the procedure.

Food to eat after a dental cleaning procedure: We recommend certain foods that should be preferred after a dental cleaning. These foods include:

  • Soups that are not too hot or spicy and do not contain any crunchy or chewy ingredients.
  • Eggs that are scrambled, boiled, or any other easy to chew cooked form.
  • Soft fruits such as banana or avocado.

Use toothpaste for sensitive teeth: Your teeth might be sensitive after any dental procedure, be it dental cleaning, teeth whitening, or any other cosmetic dentistry procedure that you can get done in Nashville. So, it is recommended to use specially designed toothpaste for sensitive teeth if your teeth feel sensitive after teeth cleaning procedure.

Rinse your mouth saltwater after 24 hours: Rinsing your mouth with warm saltwater solution 24 hours after teeth cleaning for a few days is recommended to avoid infections. Saltwater has antiseptic properties, and it can also reduce swelling that can happen after a dental cleaning.

Continue regular brushing and flossing: You can continue brushing and flossing as usual after the dental cleaning process. If your teeth feel sensitive during brushing, try using specially designed toothbrushes for sensitive teeth.

So, there you have it, by following these teeth cleaning aftercare tips, you can avoid discomfort and make sure your teeth stay clean for longer. Looking online for teeth cleaning or teeth whitening services near me? Give us a call to book your appointment by dialing (615) 646-9992.

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