What to Expect During the Dental Exam at A Nashville Family Dentist

What to Expect During the Dental Exam at A Nashville Family Dentist

A Nashville family dentist can provide you with important information about your dental and oral health during a dental exam. However, the point of a dental exam is not just to examine how well your teeth are doing. Your dental and oral health reveals a lot about your overall health and can also let you know about any developing problems ahead of time. Therefore, you should get your family's dental examination done every six-months from a reputable family dentist in Nashville, such as Dr. Leslie Dillard. Dr. Dillard and her team at Dillard Dental Services specialize in family dental care and in this article, we will shed light on what to expect during a dental exam at our clinic.

Why You Should regularly have a Dental Exam

There are several reasons why you should schedule a dental exam or a dental consultation at our clinic in Nashville. The most important reason for a regular dental exam is to catch oral and dental problems early. Having your family examined regularly can prevent them from developing painful and complicated dental or oral problems later on. During a dental consultation, we provide you with essential and useful information about your dental hygiene and oral health. If you require any dental procedures, we will answer all of your questions and resolve any reservations you may have about the procedure ahead. This is one of the most important visits you will have with us.


Things to Expect During A Dental Exam at A Walk-In Dentist Near Me

Regardless of where you are getting your dental examination, every office will have a standard protocol for a dental checkup that is followed. At Dillard Dental Services we start the dental checkup process by carefully listening to your concernsand learning about your dental history. You and your family members will have an opportunity to ask questions and tell us about any reservations you have about having a dental checkup; if it is your first dental examination, you’ll be pleased to find that we always explain what we are going to do before we begin. We can ease any anxiety you have about what lies ahead. Here are the things you can expect during a dental exam.

Low dose digital x-ray: A low dose digital x-ray of your mouth allows Dr Dillard to see the areas of your mouth that cannot be visually inspected.  Radiographs are not always required; Dr. Dillard may recommend an x-ray if she suspects you need one.

Oral cancer exam: Dr. Dillard will examine your jaw, neck area, lips, and inside your mouth for signs of oral cancer.  The oral exam is done by feeling the area with the hand.

Periodontal examination: A periodontal exam is an evaluation of the gum tissue and bone that surrounds your teeth.

Dental examination: ; Dr. Dillard will take a close look at your teeth using specialized equipment to look for signs of tooth decay and if you have had previous dental procedures; Dr. Dillard will make sure they are holding up well.

Once the examination is done, we inform our patients if they require any dental procedure and the cost estimates of the required procedure. You do not have to look online for an "affordable dentist near me" because we make dental care affordable for you and your whole family at Dillard Dental Services.

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