What Tools Do Dentists Use During A Professional Dental Cleaning?

What Tools Do Dentists Use During A Professional Dental Cleaning?

Professional dental cleaning is one of the most common dental procedures, especially here in Nashville. It needs to be done every six months or twice every year to maintain clean and healthy teeth. Not to mention you can prevent severe dental and gums related problems from developing by getting regular dental cleanings done. At Dillard Dental Services, we use specialized cleaning tools designed to clean every part of your mouth, not just the teeth. While everyone gets dental cleanings done regularly, they might not be familiar with the tools used for dental cleaning. This is why, in this article, we are going to tell you about the tools we use during a professional dental cleaning procedure.

Tools Used During the Dental Cleaning Procedure

We believe that a dental cleaning procedure or any other cosmetic dentistry procedure in Nashville can be much less stressful and anxiety-inducing when the patient is familiar with the tools. While dental tools might look scary, they are usually not painful when they are used on you. With that being said, here is an introduction to the types of equipment that are used for dental cleaning procedures at our clinic.

Low-dose x-ray machine: We always perform a dental examination before starting the actual cleaning process. This is a part of the procedure; you should also tell your dentist about any problems you have. If needed, we might use a dental x-ray machine that is technically not a tool used during the cleaning process, but it might be used before the cleaning process, so it is important to introduce you to it. The x-ray machine we use allows us to see areas of your teeth and supporting bone to examine all areas of your mouth.

Dental mirrors: Dental mirrors are exactly what they sound like; these are the small mirrors with metal frames that your dentist uses to view hard to see areas of your mouth. These unique mirrors come with reflective surfaces that reflect light to illuminate the inside of the mouth. However, that’s not all; these mirrors are also designed to magnify the image, so it is easier to see specific details of your mouth. We sanitize and disinfect dental mirrors after each use to make sure they are free from germs when we need them again.

Suction device: This device is used throughout the dental cleaning procedure to remove excess saliva, water, or any debris from the mouth. It is basically a vacuum for removing water and excess saliva from your mouth.

Scaling Instruments: These are tools that are specially made to fit the shape and contour of your teeth. They have an edge that helps remove plaque and tartar without injuring the surrounding gum tissue.

Dental polisher: This is a tool that is used to give your teeth a smooth and clean feel. It can be considered the crown jewel of the whole dental cleaning process. This polisher is used in combination with a paste, and while it might appear intimidating, it is not painful at all, and all you will feel from the polisher is some vibrations.

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